👋Hi, I’m Melkisedeck Leon Shine (Shine M.L)

Melkisedeck Shine

👉 Community Development Expert, Project Manager, Researcher, Monitoring & Evaluation Expert, Web Designer, Entrepreneur, and Technology Enthusiast.

👉 Hold a master’s degree in Project Management and Evaluation from SUA.

👉 Currently, Sales and Marketing Admin at BareFoot International Ltd and Executive Secretary and Programme Coordinator at Sustainability in Action (SiA).

👉 Welcome to my website where you can Enroll in my Training Courses, Download Free e-Books, and Request my Consultancy Services.

Consultancy Services

I Offer Consultancy Services in;

  • ➥ Project Designing and Management Consultancy
  • ➥ Project Monitoring and Evaluation Consultancy
  • ➥ Social Science Research Consultancy Services
  • ➥ Web Designing and Development Services
  • ➥ Community Development Training and Facilitations

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