Challenges of globalization in Tanzania

The following are challenges of globalization in Tanzania.


Low level of use of communication systems. In Tanzania the use of global communication system, such as internet, communication satellites and telephones is still low and underdeveloped. Most communication systems are greatly confined in urban areas while the rural population which is bigger is still un connected with world communication system. This problem of uneven distribution of communication systems makes the rural population become isolated (marginalized) from a global village


Another challenge which Tanzania faces is low production. Tanzania’s economic sectors such as agriculture, industry, mining, fishing are not producing enough goods for export. The increase in international trade as one of the fundamental characteristic of globalization will make Tanzania a buyer of foreign goods more than what is sold.

The low level of education in Tanzania is posing a big challenge to Tanzania, under this globalize world. The level of education among Tanzanians is very low compared to other countries in the world.


This level of education fails to meet intellectual demands of globalization such as technological skills, managerial skills, entrepreneurial skills, marketing skills, etc. Thus Tanzania will not be able to compete in employment opportunities with other countries


Tanzania faces a problem of low savings and investment. Low savings, caused by low income may prolong the vicious cycle of poverty among Tanzanians


Moreover Tanzania faces a problem of low savings and investment. Low savings, caused by low income may prolong the vicious cycle of poverty among Tanzanians.


Tanzania should create policies which focus on its own problems and lay strategies to reduce poverty by focusing on provision of social services such as healthcare, education and security to her citizens

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Government of Tanzania should prepare a conducive environment for investors so as to stabilize the macro economy. Attractions to investors must go together with conditions which will make Tanzanians benefit from foreign investments rather than being the watchers.


Education should be given a significant priority and made compulsory to all people. Tanzanian government should make sure that most Tanzanians get quality education which will enable them cope with challenges brought by globalization


There should be proper utilization of both natural and human resources so as to boost the economic growth. Tanzania has been experiencing shortage of personnel like doctors from Tanzania who are working abroad. This is improper utilization of human resources.


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