Proper Behavior and Responsible Decision Making

Behaviour is the way a person does things in a particular situation. A person’s behaviour can change due to his or her mood, place or the person he or she is dealing with for example.

1. Mood  

When a person is happy, he or she behaves differently from the way he or she behaves when angry or sad.

2. Place

A student in the classroom behaves differently from the way he or she behaves in the playground

 3.   Persons one is dealing with

A student behaves differently when dealing with fellow student or friends, teachers, parents, relatives or strangers.


There are two major types of behaviour these are:

  1. Proper behaviour, also known as good behaviour
  2. Improper behaviour also known as bad behaviour


This is behaviour which is an acceptable to the society. Example of such as behaviour includes honesty, love, kindness, obedience, sympathy and co-operation.

These types of behaviour may originate from various places in the society; these include:  

  1. Parents

Good parents guide their children to wards proper behaviour.

2. Mass media  

Radio, television, news paper and other types of media have programmers or articles which teach people good behaviour.

  1. Proper education

People who get proper formal as well as informal education usually have good behaviour

4. Good friends

5. Religious teaching  


  1. Respect for parents, relatives and other people
  2. Use of proper language; this means not using abusive language
  3. Taking part in community activities such as minerals, weddings and environmental conservation.
  4. Proper dressing; dressing which is socially acceptable
  5. Working hard.
  6. Helping others

Importance of behaving properly

The following are some of the benefits of proper behaviour in society

There is unity, peace and harmony in the society

  1. The members of the society are helpful and co-operative with each other.
  2. Everyone in the society is free to exercise their right and fulfill their responsibilities.
  3. There is development and prosperity in the society as people work hard.


This is behavior which is not acceptable in the society. Example of improper behaviour include: –

  1. Use of abusive language
  2. Prostitution
  3. Taking illicit drugs
  4. Laziness
  5. Fighting
  6. Stealing and robbery
  7. Causing trouble and disturbing
  8. Disrespect for school rules
  9. Disrespect for parents, elders and relatives
  10. Arrogance is being rude because one feat that he or she is more important.
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   Improper behaviour can be a result of many factors some of these factors are: –

1.Lack of parental care and guidance

Parents do not spend enough time with their children to know their problems.

Mass, media Television, radio the inter not and news papers play a great role in changing people’s behaviour. Some of the programmers and articles expose young people to violence prostitution and other social evils.

  1. Poverty:

Some people may be forced to engage in bad habits because of their poor economic status. For example, they may steal or engage in prostitution to earn money.

  1. Drunkenness:

Drinking alcohol excessively can make someone lose control of his or her actions, resulting in improper behaviour.

  1. Lack of proper education:

Education is an important tool in changing bad behaviour.

  1. Friends:

Some friends are not good. They can lead one in to truancy use of abuse language, drugs prostitution and absence from school.

   Consequences of improper behavior

Improper behaviour may rescue in bad consequence some of these are: –

  1. Spread of HIV and AIDS due to prostitution and sharing of needle for injecting drugs.
  2. Crimes such as robbery and rape
  3. Social problems such as drug abuse, homosexuality and corruption
  4. Family problems such as lack of food, unwanted pregnancies and early mirage. 5. Poverty, when people do not work and therefore do not produce wealth
  5. Lawlessness in the society people does not respect each other.


Several measures can be taken to control improper behavior some of these measures are:

  1. Mass education on good behaviour among members of the society
  2. Parent need to be closer to their children and Spend quality time with them counseling and guiding them.
  3. People who belong to different faiths should adhere to their religious teaching on good behavior.
  4. The government should enforce the existing law to curb anti- social behaviour.
  5. The importation pornographic material should be banned
  6. School and college should educate young people on how to behave properly in the society.
  7. The government should ensure all children get formal education. Parent should be encouraged to make their children to school.
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A decision is the choice which an individual makes after thinking through different option in a given situation.

Decision- making is one way of solving problems responsible decision-making involves making.

A choice after carefully considering all the option available and using particular creative to make the best choice.


Decision making is important for the following

 It builds a sense of commitment when members of the society are involved in making decision that affects them.

  1. It facilitates proper utilization of available resources
  2. It ensures as sense of equality: this is due to the equal participation of members in decision-making
  3. It ensures efficiency because members of the society make decision on that concern them
  4. It creates a sense of collective responsibility in carrying out tasks and making policies

It encourages a person to achieve what he or she has planned to do

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