Effectiveness of Strategies of Poverty Alleviation In Tanzania

The degree of achievement or effectiveness strategies of poverty alleviation in Tanzania can be assessed as following


1. Promoting self reliance policy or self employment the government has not succeeded much due to many obstacles which included low capital, lack of conducive environment and low level of science and technology.


E.g. in Dar es salaam most of the small scale traders do not have specific areas for their activities as a result several time conflict between the small scale traders and the city soldiers takes place.


2. In promoting modern science and technology in production Tanzania has fairly done well especially in urban areas where industries are concentrated. However in rural areas still people use local tools and traditional ways in production. Therefore the app of modern science & technology is still very low.

3. In controlling the rate of population growth Tanzania has been successful in urban areas where many people get access to proper medical services and family planning education but in rural areas. Due to remoteness and absence of enough health centres the rate of population growth is still very high.

4. In promoting economic development Tanzania has been successful in securing loans and grants from international monetary fund (IMF) world bank (WB) and from other developed countries but due to difficulties in condition put by donors has made Tanzania to be under heavy debts usually when the donors provide loans to the government of Tanzania they put large interest which leads to increasing of the National debtors.

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5. Dept exemption, cancellation and rescheduling has been helping the government of Tanzania to reduce the burden of foreign debts for example in 2000 the donors country

cancelled the debt of Tanzania government and the government was advised to used that money to improve economic and social development in the country.

6. In increasing the life expectancy of the people. Tanzania has introduced many programmes which were aimed to reduce the spread of diseases e.g. provision of free medical services to the victims of HIV/AIDS, elderly people and the campaign against malaria, by providing medicated mosquito net, however the services provided could not access all people but based on urban areas.

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