Gender Issues In The Society: Negative Social culture practices

Meaning Of Gender Issue

These are topics or issues which arise for discussion because there is inequality among the male and the female in a society. Examples of gender issues are:

  1. Bride price
  2. Wife inheritance
  3. Female genital mutilation
  4. Male dominance in family community and society
  5. Unequal distribution of domestic or economic task between men and women
  6. Sexual harassment

Gender issues occur due to interaction with other societies through education,religion etc.

1.1.1. Negative Social culture practices

Culture refers to the totality of the society’s ways of life. It includes customs acts and beliefs and social organization of a particular group of people. In different societies there are social cultural activities that hinder equal participation between men and women these practices are such as:

  1. Wife inheritance

Is a process of taking over a wife after her husband’s death. Some societies in Tanzania regard women as property that can be inherited. Therefore when a woman’s husband dies another man who is a member of her husband’s family can inherit her.

The effects of wife inheritance.

  1. Violation of human right by treating a woman as a property like a table or chair.
  2. De humanize the women
  3. It contributes to the spread of diseases such as HIV /AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.


  1. 2. Female genital mutilation

This is the removal of some parts of the sexual organs of a woman. It is also known as female circumcision. Some societies in Tanzania still practice this. It is taken as part of the initiation process in which girls are trained to become responsible women.

The effects of genital mutilation.

  1. It can cause women to develop some complications when giving birth or during delivery.
  2. It contributes to the spread of HIV /AIDS because tools which are used for circumcision are not hygienic and are also used by many people
  3. The practice can lead to loss of lives due to prolonged bleeding caused by mutilation.
  4. It causes girls to drop out of school because they consider themselves mature women.
  5. It can lead to psychological disturbance.
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  1. Early marriages.

This is the marriage of people who have not yet reached the legal age of marriage. Tanzania’s legal age for marriage is 18years.

The effects of early marriages.

Early marriage leads to:

  1. Increase girls drop out from school hence high illiteracy in a society
  2. Can lead to death due to difficult labour caused by immature reproductive organs of a girl.
  3. Higher possibilities of divorce and family instability as the couple has little knowledge of family affairs or matters.
  4. Women Discrimination

This is the situation where women are treated badly compared to men because of traditions and customs in Tanzanian communities. For example:

  • Men are the heads of families and make all the decisions of the family
  • Women have no rights to own properties,no access to education or employment opportunities
  • Social cultural practices which discriminate women should be abolished because women are given a chance to contribute a lot to a family,community and society. Women are like men in any profession necessary for national development.

Cruelty or violence against women

Some Tanzania communities have traditions and customs which give power to women oppression . Domestic violence is becoming a major problem in many of the families where by some husbands beat their wives because their traditions and customs encourage the practice. Women are forced to endure this treatment because they are dependent on their husbands.

Regarding women as sex objects.

Some Tanzania societies regard women as sex objects therefore:

  • A woman has to remain at home so as to refresh the man when he comes from work
  • She is not allowed to work outside the home
  • Girls are not allowed to get higher education with the belief that it is wastage of time and money because girls are married to serve their husbands.
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Corrective measures against negative social cultural practices.

Though it is important for a nation to maintain its culture. There are some negative social culture practices that should be abandoned in order to bring equality between men and women in the society. Therefore corrective measures should be taken jointly by the government community family non government organizations and individual citizens on the following aspects.

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