Indicators of free and fair elections in Tanzania

How free and fair elections are ensured in Tanzania Election conditions

  • Are held after every five years as per constitution
  • Many political parties complete in the elections for different vacant seats in the central and local government these parties are treated equally.
  • The right to vote is for every citizen who qualifies
  • Voting is done secretly no one is forced to vote for a candidate against his or her own choice.
  • Civic education is provided to voters so as to be aware of their constitutional rights in voting
  • There are electoral campaigns where by all contestants are given enough time to visit their areas of election and publicize their policies and also allow citizens to ask questions
  • There is political tolerance
  • Results are respected especially those who have not won
  • Election petitions are allowed that is an election of any candidate may be challenged in a court of law. Election procedures

NEC is responsible for general elections. Supervise and co ordinate the following:

  • Registration of voters on presidential parliamentary and civic elections
  • The conduct of the presidential and parliamentary elections.
  • Review boundaries of various areas for the purpose of parliamentary elections • Perform other functions in accordance to the law

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