Major effects of gender discrimination


1. There is unequal distribution of power in all sphere of life such in political ,economic ,social sector


2. Women continue to be left out in various area of development .


3. Women continue to face violence and aggression as they do not have any economic power base to support themselves.As result ,majority of women live in extreme poverty.


4. Enrollment of girls and women in various learning institution has not been keeping up the same pace with that of boys and men that is boy and men are many than girl and women in such institutions.


5. Women are badly affected by beliefs in witchcraft ,poor nutrition and ignorance about health care.


6. Unequal distribution of property and wealth between men and women has totally ignore women contribution this economic harassment.


7. Women are adversely affected by both early and forced marriages.


8. Teaching of initiation which very often urge girls to be submissive to their future husband (boy) and men in general have greatly made girly and women passive to take part in various issues.


9. Many women are ignorant of laws and procedure of claiming for their right This problem has contributed to their discrimination and violence in different ares.


10. There are very few women in managerial and decision making level .For example the number of woman in the parliament of Tanzania is one-third that of men.

Melkisedeck Leon Shine

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