Meaning and Importance of Positive Relations

1.1. Positive Relations


Relationship is away in which people group or countries behave towards or deal with each other, the relationship can be economical cultural political or even social [including love affairs]


Positive relationships is the passionate and abiding desire on the part of the two or more people to produce together conditions under which one can express his or her feelings real self to produce together a climate in which each can flourish for superior to what one could achieve alone


Building positive relationships is very important because we depend on each other however one must start with building confidence within one self we all want to build positive relations by forming bonds with different types of people i.e. bosses, colleague’s friends and family


Many of us have made it in a wrong way it’s never too late to say we still have room to modify our behavior patterns by breaking our bad relationship habits and learn good interpersonal communication skills which are sending out the good right message to others.


Trusting yourself in whatever you do to others treating yourself as a respected individual the same kind of people will be drawn to you


Positive relations are very important we need two things in life


To avoid loneliness

To be appreciated and loved for who we are


We are brought together by positive relationships and loneliness reminds us that we are missing someone or something in life. We seek fulfillment in the relationships by others by loving just like the way we love our selves.

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We can only change ourselves by learning how to love and we should learn to accept ourselves just and you will be able to love and accept others

1.1.1. Importance of positive relationships


Positive relationships among people of a community are very important because they create environment of cooperation accountability peace and security in the community.


Moreover positive relationship has the following importance


Cooperation among people will be encouraged through trustworthy that may develop from good relations

Crime will be controlled as good relationships will create peaceful situations or environments people will leave and believe in fraternity and brother hood

Unity will be created hence limiting individualism and cooperativeness

People will land their hands together in waging war against the common enemies for example poverty ignorance diseases etc in so doing people will plan their own strategies such as poverty alleviation projects i.e. introducing success helping groups in social matters


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