Most common gender concepts relating to culture

Gender discrimination; It is the situation in which one kind of the sex in the society is denied of its right and opportunities simply because of belong to that sex category.


Gender oppression;- It is the situation whereby a certain sexual category is treated harshly or oppressed simply because it belong to that category for example giving heavy tasks

and depriving of their important social needs.


Gender gap;-It is an inequality in job accessibility between two different sexes. culturally ,some societies give men the first priority to job opportunities than women. This situation prevails in both public and private sector in many developing countries ,including Tanzania where whereby most attractive and highly paying job are occupied by men.


Gender inequality;-Is a situation whereby a certain kind of sex in a society is given priority in all aspect of life at the expense of another sex.For example inmost African societies women are marginalized in all sphere of life while men are favored.


Gender equity;- This is the principle of fairness and justice that advocate gender equality such as principle include making of laws which prevent men from undermining and denying them of their rights.


Gender equality;-This refer to a situation whereby there is no kind of practice which undermines a certain sex. It is the situation whereby there is equal treatment of both male and female in all aspects of their lives.


Gender analysis;- It is the systematic efforts to identify ,analyze, document and understand the roles of men and women within a given context.It is about who does whats ,who has access to and control over whats ,benefits from what etc.

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Gender sensitive planning;- It is the planning that consider both women and men in term of needs.These needs are planned equally .Generally ,there are has been some effort for discouraging bad cultural practices that undermine women worldwide.Due to these efforts, the people consciousness about gender equality have been raised hence ,made to see the importance of analyzing gender, formulation principle of enhancing gender equality and waged war against the multicultural practices such as child labour and female Genital Mutilation.


Gender Main Streaming;- This refer to ideas about a given gender that are considered ordinary or normal ,hence ,accepted by most people in societies.It is is a global strategy for promoting gender equality .Main streaming involves insuring that gender perspectives and attention to the goal of gender equality are central to all activities ,policy development ,research ,resource allocation ,planning implementation and monitoring of programmers and project.


Gender stereo typing; This refer to people perception and attitudes create by the socialization institution

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