Political Effect Of Globalization Positive effects


Globalization has brought important changes in the content of international law. Contemporary states like Tanzania, makes laws which comply with international laws and therefore it abides with them in such a way, that it can no longer mistreat her citizens the way it wishes. Issues like human rights, social justice are part of Tanzania’s constitution key laws and statutes


Under globalization, Tanzania has integrated itself into global politics through international agencies and organizations. New forms of multilateral and global politics have been established involving various governments including the government of Tanzania.


Globalization has made it necessary for poor countries like Tanzania of form strong political organization as a way of minimizing its negative impacts, the formation of African Union (AU), and the continuing process of formation of East Africa. Federation which Tanzania is a member are consequences of globalization


Globalization has speed up the democratic process in Tanzania. In order to promote democracy, Tanzania is adopting global democratic principles such as rule of law, transparency, multiparty, accountability and it is trying to implement them. Negative effects


There has been centralization of political power in biggest capitalist nations. This situation has created an interstate condition whereby a political sovereignty of poor countries like Tanzania has been reduce in such a way that they are made more accountable to bigger like USA and UK than to their citizens.


Tanzania has been affected by global political disorders and terrorism. Bombing of USA embassy in Dar es Salaam in 1998 is a product of global political conflict which involved USA and Al- Qaeda terrorist who are against USA imperialism

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Globalization has undermined the effort made by poor countries. Like Tanzania to form strong political organizations such as African Union or East Community due to spread of spheres of interests to the regions by biggest powers such as America and Western Europe. AS a result ountries like Tanzania have became more interested in cooperating with such capitalist countries rather than her neighboring countries like Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia etc wishing to get more profit


In some cases, globalization with its related political propagandas such as multipartism, transparency, accountability, rule of law and others create chaos in the country. There are some politicians who have manipulated the above agendas of democracy, hence, threatened peace and security, which have existed since independence


1.1.2. Erosion of national control over governance


Globalization which has been facilitated by policies such as those of the world Bank, the IMF and the world Trade of organizations(WTO) which insist on Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs) is closely tied to fee trade and expansion of commerce through the deregulation of markets. These policies are top-down and authoritative, so that developing countries like Tanzania are being told what to do and what not to due to these policies the economic structures and orientations of developing countries have been greatly influenced

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