Problem Solving Skills

Life skills refer to ways in which an individual applies settlement ability to control or deal with environment examples. Thinking planning and implementation in order to solve life problems such as politics, social economical and cultural.

In dealing with cultural values and its associate and problems various life skills are highly needed for promoting and preserving culture.


Example;-Skills of knowing and living with others

– Skills of making effective decisions

These skills help an individual to related well with others and become responsible citizen Life skills education

Life skills education is the knowledge used to improve the quality of bear


Example; Agriculture proper use fertilizers irrigate methods pets control conditions necessary for the growth of crops and weeding education also offers life skills relate to employment and income opportunity.


1.1. Problems solving

Life skills constitute of knowledge and aptitude that are necessary for a person independently with maximum efficiency and accuracy.

One of the categories of life skills is critical thinking such as reasoning inquires analysis, processing, flexibility and evaluation.


1.1.1. The importance of problems solving skills

1. They help to take problems which seem to be complex

2. They minimize conflicts, frustrations and misunderstandings.

3. They help people to overcome limitation in human mental machinery for perception memory and inference

4. They overcome constraints inhibitions that limit the range of once thinking problems vary from one person to another.

Examples adolescents reproductive health family life issues, social – economic issues or environment

1.1.2. Steps in problems solving process

a) Definition of a problem

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b) Problem analysis

c) Generating possible solutions

d) Analysation of solutions

e) Selecting the base solutions

f) Implementation

g) Evaluation

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