Social Problem Solving Techniques

1.1. Social Problem

     Problem is something that is difficult to deal with or to understand.

Social problem are difficult that affect a community such as

  1. Violence
  2. Drug Abuse
  3. Conflict
  4. HIV/ AIDS
  5. Poverty
  6. In adequate health care
  7. Corruption
  8. Poor housing
  9. In adequate clean and safe water
  10. In adequate health care

1.2. Social Problem Solving Techniques

   These are the way that a person or community deals with a difficult solution. They involve analyzing a problem to determine the best way of reading or ending it.

   They are related to decision making because they require to make a choice and act on it

1.2.1. Steps In The Problem Solving Process

Problem solving is usually done in steps one at a time.

These stapes are:

  1. Initiating mediation.

Mediation is the process of trying to end a disagreement between people or groups by talking to them and helping them find a suitable for all those involved.

The one who initiating mediation is known as the Mediator.

ii) Gathering information.

The mediator trying to find the root causes of the problem by asking questions.

     iii)   Define the problem

At this stage the disagreement is explained in order to know the problem. Knowing a problem is an important stage in solving the problem,Therefore it is advised that the mediator has to clearly understand and define the root cause of the problem .    

iv) Generating alternatives.

This is a stage of coming up with many solutions to the problem.

v) Agreeing to a solution.

It is the stage of choosing the best alternative to solve the problem.       

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vi)   Following through to see that the plan is carried outs.

This is the stage of implementing and testing the solution to see if it works.

1.3. Importance Of Applying Problem Solving Technique

Applying problem   solving technique in difficult facing society help to.

  • Bring a peace by resolving conflict between tribesmen of the community.
  • Raise the living standard of the society. E.g. improving housing health services.
  • Ensure fairly treatment of all members of the community’
  • Put stop to vices such as drug abuse, child labour and prostitution
  • Protect the environment e.g. By recycling plastic containers instead of throwing them a away or burning them

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