Socio-cultural effects of globalization Positive effects

Globalization has made diffusion of beliefs and values in international concern. Each community is struggling to achieve those world cultural standards in respect of human rights and better living standards.


Through development of information and communication technology like internet, fax machines, satellites and cable TV, globalization has managed to integrate all cultural practices in the world and created common cultural vision for the present and future generations. Those cultural practices are such as sports, games, music etc


Globalization has revealed out some bad cultural practices which have been performed by some communities. For instance, the issue of female genital mutilation which is now globally condemned with great emphasis by different international agencies


The expansion of the great world religious institutions particularly in Africa and Asia has transformed their socio-cultural values into modern and acceptable ones. In Tanzania for example, the spread of Christianity and Islam almost in every part of the country, has played a significant role in the eradication of unacceptable cultural practices such as genital mutilation, forded marriages, harassment of women, etc. Globalization has improved provision of social services. Social services such as education, healthcare, communication have been improved. For example education has been improved due to the presence of such things like distance learning due to use of internet, video etc Negative effects on culture

Globalization has swept away cultural. Boundaries which existed before by the use of advanced information and communication technology such as TVs, radio, internet and magazines.


This situation has led to the destruction of inferior cultures of Africans including Tanzania. Most Tanzanians particularly the youth have been influenced with western ways of life.


Cultural globalization ties have been responsible for increase immoral behavior such as violence, prostitution, drug abuse, homosexuality and other related behaviors which increased as one become more integrated into global system


African native language including Kiswahili, have been undermined by foreign languages such as English, French, German etc. English for example, has become a globalization language such that it is viewed by many Tanzanian who can speak it as a sign of civilization. By so doing our local languages including Kiswahili are being abandoned or left to be used by less educated people who also wish they knew English.

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1.1.2. Spread of religious fundamentalism


Globalization of communication networks has facilitated the easy spread of various religions across the world and strengthening of solidarity of the sects worldwide. Through cable television believers in Tanzania are accessed by preachers from Korea, Japan, USA, German etc


This worldwide spread of fundamentalism has not only increased social tension and insecurity, but also had adverse economic effects as now the solutions to social and economic problems are sought in prayer rather than hard work.


In Tanzania for example, some families have been torn apart by Christian fundamentalists, who have cut links with their parents or spouses because they are “saved” and therefore it is not proper for them to associate with the “unsaved” child care has been affected because some parents do spend too much time praying, including overnight wakes.


Also some youth have dropped out of school and opted for employment in the name of evangelism and the belief that once you are saved everything in life will work smoothly


1.1.3. The spread of materialist lifestyle attitudes


Materialist lifestyle attitudes consider consumption as the path to prosperity. Today if some one has enough material wealth he/she is considered as nothing. With this loss of vision, the very foundation which a people‘s culture is constructed is severely shaken. The foundation on which to construct behavioral patterns, ideas beliefs, values and attitudes on which people’s economic, social and political character can be based does no longer exist. In the traditional society, hard working was one of the key factors for a good leader or citizen but today the one who is rich even if he is a thief can be highly respected and considered the smart guy.

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Some effects of globalization may be experienced in the assessment of pre existing African traditional songs and ceremonies which have now being replaced by new ones having western styles and contents. Examples of such things include the kitchen parties and beauty pageants

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