Source of local government revenue

Revenue is also called income.

Source of income / revenue for local government are:

  1. Rent

Example of rent is:

  1. Houses rent from council houses.
  2. Rent from market stalls.
  3. Land rent and services charge.
  4. Licenses

A license is a permanent from an authority to come out an activity own or use something. A person can apply for a license for things such as:

  1. Auctioning
  2. Driving
  3. Retail trading
  4. Entertainment
  5. Fishing
  6. Duties

Duties are fees paid for certain goods and services. Example includes:

  1. Customs duties, paid on goods brought in to the country.
  2. Stamp duty, paid for some legal democracies.
  3. Excise duties, paid for some goods made, sold or used within the country.
  4. Contributions

Resident living in an area contribute to their local authority through.

  1. Fee under by law.
  2. Court fines.
  3. Paying for the use of community centers.
  4. Hiding fund raising for community project.
  5. Grant and Loans

These are fund given by the central government and various local and international agencies to the local government authorities

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