Student participation in school and local government authorities

Student has a duty to participate actively in function of their school as well as local government authorities.


  1. In school.


  1. Students can participate actively in school function in the following ways:
  2. Working hard in school in order to achieve the school’s academic goals as well as their oral academic goals.
  3. Debating matters relating to their schools development and coming up with ideas.
  4. Electing their students council or government.
  5. Enforcing laws enacted by the school authority to bring peace and harmony in the school.
  6. Participating in the school development project.
  7. Taking part in activities to protect the school environment.
  8. Visiting people with special needs in the community like children’s homes and old people’s homes.


  1. In local government authorities

Student can participate in the function of the local government in the following ways:

  1. Planting trees in the local area.
  2. Volunteering in development project such as construction of school, and dispensaries and road maintenance.
  3. Demonstrating to their parents or guardians what they area thought in school for the improvement of their locality.

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