Team Work: Meaning, Effectiveness and Importance

1.1. Team Work


A set of persons working together with a team spirit.


A team spirit means willingness to act for a group rather than an individual benefit Hence team work means combined efforts or organization cooperation

1.1.1. Effective team work

Why effective team work is good

It is a large measure of motivation which lies in being part of a team with a recognized identity where the members feel that they are part of a cohesive unit working towards a broad goal

Usually the output of the effective team work is greater than what would be achieved by the member working individually this tends to produce good quality of output being at school office shamba army etc


1.1.2. Team Roles


Effective is that their success is brought about by some of their technical abilities in mental activities drive humor communication skills and through a combination of different types of people.

There are four common theories which guide the effectiveness of the team roles


1. Thinkers

2. Doers

3. Careers

4. Leaders



Are a set of people who tend to produce carefully throughout ideas and soberly weigh up the contribution of others.


They are useful planners and help to curb the impetuosity of the doers



Are the task oriented and can be exhibited ‘’funnel vision’’ where all they can see is driving on and getting jobs they are useful as time controllers and keeping the team focused on the objectives.

Both thinkers and doers concentrate upon the work in hand without necessarily appreciating the importance of the human dimension

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Are people who have a bias towards people and their needs.


They understand the importance of productive relationships between their members carrier maintain harmony through smoothing cheering up people promoting humor, helping people in difficult and easy tension within the group.


Hence carriers are needed to keep up morals to maximum effectiveness and to co ordinate the role of a leader.



Are people who create and maintain the environment where people can make their contributions in order to maximize their effectiveness of the whole team. Hence they are like the conductor of the orchestra who through standing the experience and approach create the whole of which is greater than the sum of parts

1.1.3. How To Make A Team Work Effective


A leader can make a team effective by paying attention to the following:


  1. Understanding the objectives
  2. Knowing the people
  3. Assigning the roles
  4. Communicate objectives
  5. Planning
  6. Delegation of power
  7. Listening
  8. Ensure balance of contributions
  9. Resolve conflicts
  10. Motivate
  11. Make decisions
  12. Learning from experience
  13. Analyze success and failure

1.1.4. Importance of team work

  1. Makes it easy to accomplish tasks under given environments
  2. Enables people in groups to perform work effectively than single handed jobs
  3. It stimulates co-operation and positive relation among people in a given society
  4. It enables individuals to gain more knowledge and skills from other people in the group
  5. It develops positive attitudes on the importance at work and cultivates the awareness of accountability and responsibility to an individual

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