The Concept of Constitution

1.1. The meaning and structure of the national constitution

 A constitution is a system ,often codified in a written document,which establishes the fundamental rules and principles by which an organization is governed.

 It is the fundamental law in one or more documents which constitutes state power and defines the relationship between organs of the state and citizens.The constitution establishes and     defines role.power legitimacy,limits the exercise of power by ensuring basic right of citizens.


1.2. Types Of Constitutions


There are two types of constitution ,namely Written constitution and Unwritten constitution.

1.2.1. Written constitution


It is refers to basic laws or principle described in a document.It act as a standard reference to which government activities reflect upon it and it minimizes chances of wrong interpretation .Many countries have adopted this type of constitution.For example Tanzania,Kenya,USA etc.

1.2.2. Unwritten constitution


Is the one in which basic principles are not written in a single document but they rely on various document and other points of reference.A good example is Britain where its constitution is based on status ,customs,precedence and convention practices

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