The Concept of Women Empowerment

Women should be given a chance to make decisions and exercise their rights.

Mass education.

People should be educated about the dangers of negative social cultural practices such early marriage, genital mutilation so as to make people aware of the harm caused by these practices.

Enhancing the existing laws on women.

the government should enhance these laws to encourage women to participate in the same social economic activities such as women should be able to own and inherit properties like land houses and businesses so as to have a strong economic base.

Uses of mass media.

Radios, news papers and TVs can be used to educate and give people information regarding negative social practices and their effects on society.

Adjust the school curriculum.

Students should understand the dangers of negative social cultural practices and should be taught the effects the of the practices on the society and a better way of doing things.

Special consideration  

Women should be given special consideration in education and politics as they have been lagging behind for a long time. I.e. in politics women are given special seats in parliament and in education women are given special provisions for higher education especially in science subjects.

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