The strategies for women empowerment


Women empowerment can be done if the following things are considered;

1. Improving and increasing education opportunities to women .If education opportunities will improved to women , development will be achieved in the poor countries like Tanzania and the slogan that say “You educated a women you educated the whole society” will practically observed.


2. Improving access to the resource such as land ,the situation which has been to difficult for quite a long time in many societies .This will help women to have right to inherit resource such as land.


3. To allow women to establish various social organization . This will help them to have a collective barraging power for their deprived rights .Through these organization ,women can ask for assistance from the government or donors in order to enable them open various project.


4. The government should commit itself to the prohibition of all cultural practices and custom that oppress women such as female genital mutilation ,forced and early marriages etc.


5. The government has ensure that women receive equal opportunities as men in all social. ,political ,economic ,issues.


6. To establish special programmers for improving life standard of the women especially in rural area


7. To educate men to abandon the idea that they are created superior to women.


8. Improve rural technology this will help to provide women with modern working facilities.For example the use of solar and bio-gas energy will free women from dependence on fire wood which usually contribute to environment destruction through cutting tree.

Melkisedeck Leon Shine

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