Understanding Concept of Leadership and Good Leadership

1.1. Leadership

Leadership is the ability of an individual to influence motivates and enables others to contribute the success of other organization of which they are members.


Leadership is the situation where by somebody is given a position to direct other people, groups, country or organization by showing the way to achieve stated goals.

Good leadership is that made by people for their benefits.

Who is a leader?

A person who leads a group of people or a country or an organization. A leader can either be elected by people or appointed according to the laws of the country or organization

1.1.1. Roles of a leader

1. To make decisions on behalf of the community and supervise the implementation of the community

2. To unite the followers so as to facilitate achievements of the objectives

3. To formulate problem solving strategies in order to bring economic change to people’s life

4. To mobilize the community in creating and implementing varies projects for development

1.1.2. Types of leadership

There are 2 types of leadership known as

1. Democratic leadership

Where by the leaders are obtained through democratic processes i.e. free and fair elections Also it can be through appointments as stated in the constitution

2. Dictatorship leadership

Where by leaders come into power by using force and supported by armed forces Sometimes a dictator is changed after being elected e.g. Adolf hilttler got into power by election and he changed into a dictator even the democratic leadership can violate democratic principle by going against the constitution [ laws]

1.2. Good leadership

Any good leadership involves elements of vision. A vision provides direction to influence the process.

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A leader can have various visions of the future and how to lead the people towards a successful end

1.2.1. A vision of effectiveness should alleged

1. A person as a simple yet vibrant image in the mind of a leader

2. Describe a future state , credible and preferable to the present state

3. Act as a bridge between the current state and a future optimum state

4. Appear desirable enough to organize followers

5. Succeed in speaking to followers at an emotional and spiritual level

1.2.2. The Behaviour Of A Good Leadership

The following are the behaviors and effects of a good leadership

1. Vision

An outstanding leader articulates and ideological vision with the deeply held values of followers a vision that describes a better future to which the followers have an alleged moral right.

 2. Self sacrifice

Leaders display passion for and have strong conviction of what they regard as moral correctness of their vision.

They engage in outstanding or extra ordinary behavior and make sacrifice in the interest their vision and mission.

3. Confidence, determine and persistence

An outstanding leadership displays a high a degree of faith in the attainment of the vision they activated.

4. Image building

Leaders are self conscious about their own image recognizing the disability of follower preaching them as competent credible and trust worth.

5. Role modeling

Leaders’ image building sets for effectiveness role modeling because followers identify with the values of role models whom they perceived in positive forms.

6. External representation

An outstanding leader acts as a spokes person for respective organizations to external constituencies.

7. Expectations and confide in fellow outstanding leader

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Communicated expectations of high performance from their followers and strong confidence in their followers’ ability to meet such expectations.

8. Selective motive arousal

An outstanding leader arouses the motives of followers that the leaders see as of special relevance to the successful accomplishment of the vision and mission.

9. From alignment

To persuade followers to accept and implement changes this refers to the linkage of individuals and leader interpretative orientations such that some set of followers interest involve beliefs as well as leaders activities goals and becomes congruent and complementary.

10. Operational communication

An outstanding leader often but not always communicates their message in an inspiration manner using vivid stories, slogans, symbols and ceremonies.


1.3. Importance of Good Leadership

  1. Helps in accomplishing a set of goals
  2. It promotes community participation in development activities
  3. It invites creation of projects for community’s development
  4. It encourages the community to build trust or the leaders
  5. It helps to maintain peace and harmony in the community
  6. It promotes the national development economically socially and culturally

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