Understanding Self Worth and Confidence

1.1. Self worth and confidence


Self worth

Is the feeling and trusting yourself in whatever you do that you are good useful and competent



Is when you believe in your own ability and being successful the feeling that you can trust believe in and be sure about the abilities or good qualities you have confidence among individuals is a major cause of their success.

Adolescents sense of worthiness include who they have been as well as who they hope to be

Formulating their self identity requires them to discover what they like what they are good at and what they believe in



1.1.1. Indicators of confidence

Things which indicate one’s confidence can be seen in many ways which are:


One’s behavior

One’s body language

One’s speech[how one speaks]

What you say



1.1.2. Difference between self confidence and non confidence


Self confidence

Non confidence

1)          Being willing to take risk and go extra miles to achieve better things

Being un willing to take and go extra miles to achieve better things

2)          Doing what you believe to be right even if others criticize you.

Staying in your comfort zone fearing failure and avoid taking risks.

3)          Waiting for others to congratulate you on your accomplishments

Explain your own virtues as often as possible as many people

4)          Accepting accomplishments graciously


Thanks I really worked hard on that perspective am pleased you recognized my efforts.

Dismissing accomplishments off handedly on that prospective was nothing really any one could have done it

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1.1.3. Importance of self worth and confidence


Self worth skills enables you and individuals to protect their life by not engaging in dangerous things like drugs alcohol beverages and marijuana

It makes an individual to work hard value work and enjoy their achievements through their hard efforts

It stimulates accountability and creativity among people thus increase the income to an individual family and community

Gives power and ability to an individual on how to defend their correct decisions.

Enables individuals to defend their rights and struggle for their violated rights

Gives power to criticizing bad behaviors that affect an individuals or society


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