Examples of special groups

In our society (Tanzania in general) special groups include

  1. Women
  2. The elderly
  3. The disabled
  4. Refugees
  5. Orphans
  6. Street children
  7. HIV AIDS victims

    Other special groups include youth and addable and albino.


The women


          This group of people is ignored in some communities. They are not given equal opportunities to participate in decease makes in their families or at a high level. In some communities are not given leadership positions. In many cases, girls are not allowed to go to school the women end up falling into a forced marriage, early marriage, forced prostitution in ritualized wives, and being raped. This group of people needs support from the community and ensures they enjoy their rights.       




         These are old people . As people age, they become less energetic and may not be able to work as well as young people. As result, they cannot work effectively and earn their daily living. In addition, some disabilities such as poor eyesight and poor muscle control may be caused by old age. Elderly people, therefore, need special care.



         This group includes people with mental disabilities, those with hearing and speech difficulties, the blind, and physical disturbance. People with disabilities are to be helped in performing different tasks with respect to their disabilities and need.



          Are people who flee their countries to go and settle in foreign countries because of insecurity in their home countries.

The following are some of the reasons for their forced migration:

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1/political conflict

2/civil war

3/ social conflict

4/ drought or famine

5/ religious conflict

6/ economic problems.



           This is a group of children who stay on the streets as they have no place to live. This could be a result of various causes such as poverty, abuse by parents or guardians, death of parents and family break up. Due to these reason, the children are forced to live on the street with neither parent nor guardians to take care of them. They may also engage themselves in labor and drug peddling.



 These are people who are infected with the human immune-deficiency virus (HIV). The virus attacks the white blood cell that protects the human body from infection and disease. 



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