Responsibilities of Citizen



      These are the things a person has to perform as a rule. A citizen has to do certain things in the country in which he or she is a citizen   


   A.  Personal responsibilities

 Takes care of himself or herself

  1. Behaves in a civil or respectful manner.
  2. Considers the rights and interests of others.
  3. Accepts responsibility for his or her action.
  4. Supports the family.


   B. Political duties or responsibilities


  1. Participate in the country’s civic affairs such as attending a political meetings.
  2. Take part in electrons.
  3. Take part in building and consolidating democracy.
  4. Help to develop public policy.
  5. Advocate favorable policies and legislation.
  6. Acquire and use information in order to make a good decision.


  c  Social responsibilities


  1. Protect his or her country from its enemies
  2. Promote fairness, equality and social justice.
  3. Respect the right of a fellow citizen
  4. Obey the law of the country in order for everyone to live in peace and harmony.


 D. Economic responsibilities


  1. Pay taxes and other statutory payments to the government
  2. Do lawful productive work.
  3. Participate in community development activities.


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