Factors for improper behavior: Reasons or causes of improper behaviour

  1. Lack of parental care and guidance

Parents do not spend enough time with their children to know their problems.

Mass, media Television, radio the inter not and newspapers play a great role in changing people’s behaviour. Some of the programmers and articles expose young people to violence prostitution and other social evils.

  1. Poverty:

Some people may be forced to engage in bad habits because of their poor economic status. For example, they may steal or engage in prostitution to earn money.

  1. Drunkenness:

Drinking alcohol excessively can make someone lose control of his or her actions, resulting in improper behaviour.

  1. Lack of proper education:

Education is an important tool in changing bad behaviour.

  1. Friends:

Some friends are not good. They can lead one to truancy use of abusive language, drugs prostitution and absence from school.

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