Types of citizenship

Types a citizenship

  1. Citizen by birth
  2. Citizenship by descent or kinship
  3. Citizenship by regulation on naturalization.
  4. Citizenship by birth both parents father and Mother or marriage.
  • Citizenship by birth

This is the type of citizenship by being born in a country where both parents of the given person reside

  • Citizenship by descent or kinship

    • children who are born in Tanzania and one of his or her parents is a citizen of Tanzania.
  • Citizenship by registration or naturalization

    • person who was born outside of Tanzania one her or his parents is a citizen of Tanzania.

However, after age 18, a person has to apply to the ministry of home affairs

•       Citizenship by marriage

A foreign woman who marries a citizen of Tanzania may register for citizenship.

he or she must make earth promising to be good citizen and to be loyal to the constitution of the centered republic of Tanzania.

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