Abushiri and Bwana Heri resistance was a small scale resistance which occurred along the coastal region of Tanganyika where by rich Arabs and local traders organized to fight against the British and the German interference on their trade in 1888-1889.

Abushiri and Bwana Heri resistance was among of strong small scale resistance since they organized their strong forces against German by hoisting the German flag in all coastal towns. Due to this the British decided to join with German and started to interfere the Abushiri and Bwana Heri’s trade and production of coconut and cereal plantations which depended also on the slave trade activities by the German and the British utilizing their naval forces to suppress slave trade in Indian ocean.

As a result the German chancellor sent a Germany commander solider Von Wisman so as to recruit mercenaries [soldiers] to suppress Abushiri’s forces. Due to that Abushiri’s forces were defeated hence Abushiri decided to fled to Mpwapwa when he was captured and publicly hanged on 15th December 1889 after being betrayed by a village headman of Usangara known as Magaya a Jumbe.

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