Is the scientific study of past human remains


  • This is the study of the material remains of man’s past through scientific
  • The one specializes in archaeology is called ARCHAEOLOGIST.
  • Archaeology involve excavations (digging) of the remains of man’s past historical sites and interpretation.
  • The famous archaeologist in East Africa was Dr, Louis Leaky with his wife Mary
  • Archaeology involves the use of carbon 14 dating to determine plants and animal FUNCTIONS OF ARCHAEOLOGY


  1. Gives important information about man through different
  2. It is a useful method of revealing soil covered historical
  3. It arouse curiosity of searching past man historical information ADVANTAGES OF ARCHAEOLOGY


  1. It helps to know when and how people lived in a certain place.
  2. Past objects tells us about the life and culture of past people.
  3. It helps us to know and reveal the technology, pastoral,agricultural and commercial activities of the past man.
  4. Through excavation we get knowledge of artifacts g pottery, building etc.
  5. It reveal the religious beliefs of the past man.
  6. We can compliment other sources of information through archaeology. history.
  7. We can know the past relationship between different people such as trading activities, Migration, Marriage, Birth, death and political relation. DISADVANTAGES OF ARCHAEOLOGY


  • It consumes time because of
  • It can not reveal the past people’s
  • It can not give out reasons for historical events such as
  • It needs full experts and advanced technology.
  • Poorly interpreted remains can bring false
  • It can not tell anything about the past social organization.

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