These are places where collection of private and public documents and old records are preserved.


These documents includes personal letters, Early Travelers and Missionary records, Traders writings, personal and government files, political parties documents, etc. FUNCTION OF ARCHIVES

  • Archives preserve public and private records that have enduring value to the


  • The records in the archives are made available for use by the public. However not all records can be viewed by everyone.


  • Archives collect records of enduring value from various For example,the nation archives have records from different regions of the country.


  • The archives staff maintains registers of the record in the archives.


  • Archives promote awareness of the availabilities and use of non – current records to the public


  • Archives have facilities for restoring damaged documents of enduring value


  • The historical information in the archives ensures continuity . For example,company policies from previous years can still guide the employees today ADVANTAGES OF ARCHIVES


  1. Easy to identify ideas and literacy level of the past man.
  2. It is easy to identify the exact date of historical event.
  3. It used to store historical
  4. Easy to get historical information from different places and different people. DISADVANTAGES OF ARCHIVES


  1. It may lead false information, if Author is
  2. Illiterate people can not get historical
  3. It is not easy to get information of the society whose information are not
  4. It is difficult to get remote information from archives.
  5. It is non renewable once disrupted either by wind or other external

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