Bunyoro resistance was a small scale resistance fought between the Banyoro and the British in 1893 under the leadership of kabalega.

Kabalega organized his tribe Bunyoro against British captain sir Lugard who introduced Christianity frictions to fight against Muslims forces in Bunyoro.

Due to that Kabaka also joined the resistance with Bunyoro against British because he was also harshly punished by the British for involving into ivory trade without British commissioners consent. But Kabaka was defeated then he joined with kaberega; Where both were defeated by British forces and sent them in exile in Sycelles in 1899. This marked the end of the resistance and British took control over Buganda.


1. Religious interference.

2. Interference of culture.

British interfered the Bunyoro and Buganda’s culture by forcing people to follow English cultures as a result people resisted.

1. Interference of trade.

British interfered the Kabaka and Bunyoro’s trade because Ugandans were not allowed to trade without British commission.

1. Interference of leadership.

2. British hash treatment.

British government treated the Ugandans including leaders very hash by forcing them to accept British harsh rules, to pay taxes, to involve in production etc. as a result people resisted.

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