1.1.1. MUSEUMS

  • These are places or buildings where information and objects are
  • It involves all terms which shows culture, political economic and technological development from the past to present.
  • Objects can be Early coins, clothes, minerals cowries, religious and ceremonial
  • Museums can be national, Regional, Districts and


e.g National Museums in Dar es salaam, Bagamoyo, Butiama, Kalenga – Iringa FUNCTIONS OF MUSEUMS


  1. Preserve historical documents and
  2. Shows concrete remains of objects.
  3. It is the place for tourist and study
  4. It is the center for cultural and national ADVANTAGES OF MUSEUMS


  1. It preserve objects which are used as teaching aids.
  2. Museums preserve culture and national
  3. It used by researchers (source of information).
  4. It acts as tourist
  5. People learn about technological
  6. Enable learners to arouse creativity DISADVANTAGES OF MUSEUMS


  1. It needs knowledgeable people.


  1. It is possible to distort information through biases by the museum
  2. Poor preservation of the past items eg .coins, pieces of cloth, slaves chain can distort


  1. It needs extensive care to maintain it’s beauty or

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