This involves the passing information by word of mouth through talking and listening. Oral Tradition pass historical information into two ways

  1. Through culture practices like art, music, religion, riddles, songs, proverbs, superstition, poems and
  2. Narration of past FUNCTIONS OF ORAL TRADITION


  1. It preserves historical information of
  2. It collects and pass historical information between generations in the
  3. It helps researchers in data ADVANTAGES OF ORAL TRADITION


  1. It preserves and reveal historical information which are not
  2. Both illiterate and literate people can obtain historical
  3. Within oral tradition there are warnings and
  4. It is the easiest and the cheapest method of obtaining information.
  5. It is more live source, since it involves physical DISADVANTAGE OF ORAL TRADITION


  1. It needs much attention and power of
  2. False information can be given by a story – teller.
  3. Narration of past events are centered to those people of status e kings, Queens, chief. White talking little about common society.
  4. There is language problems when narrators use vernacular
  5. It is difficult to distinguish what is real and what is imaginary
  6. Translation is very difficult because some languages are no longer in existence.

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