Almost many African societies resisted against imposition of colonial rule due to the following reasons:

1. To defend social and political sovereignty;

Many societies in Africa decided to resist colonial rule because colonialist wanted to interfere their social and political power. So African chiefs or leaders such as Mkwawa, SamoraToure and Kaberegeetc took army to fight against it.

2. Interference of trade

Africans resisted against imposition of colonial rule because colonialists interfered with African trade monopolies which made Africans harsh towards colonialists hence resistance.

3. Interference of cultures

African resisted against imposition of colonial rule since colonialists wanted to interfere African culture such as religion, language etc.

4. Land alienation.

Africans resisted against imposition of colonial rule because colonialists took African’s land as a result
Africans took arms to fight against this.

5. Forced labour

Many African societies imposed to resist once against colonial rule since colonialists forced them to work by force without payment in colonial activities like farms, construction of BOMAS etc. Examples of resistances were Majimaji, Nandi resistance, Chimulenga etc.

6. Introduction of taxation

Colonialists introduced different heavy taxes such as head tax, cattle tax, hut taxandmatiti tax where Africans were forced to pay them as a result they resisted against the imposition of colonial rule.

7. Harsh rule

8. Africans were not ready to be colonized.

Africans resisted against the imposition of colonial rule because they were not ready to be colonized since they had their own system of governance and administration.

9. Beliefs of political and military strengths.


African societies were believed that they were powerful and strong in political and military as a result when colonialists came they opposed against them for example chief Machemba of Yao disobeyed Germany governor WISSMAN because he believed in his military power.

10. Colonial social segregation and discrimination.

Africans resisted against colonialist because Africans were segregated, oppressed and discriminated by them and treated as inferior in social, political and economic issues as a result Africans resisted them harshly

11. Alliance / collaboration between traditional enemies with the colonialists.

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