• The triangular trade (TATT) intercontinental trade; was the trading activities which was conducted by the Europeans in relation with the Africans and the Americans across the Atlantic Ocean from the 16th to 18th
  • The Trans – Atlantic triangular trade originated from the discovery made by Christopher Columbus who was born in 1451 Genoa, after the discovery of new world (American) in
  • The Portuguese were the first foreigners to capture slaves at the coast of West In 1441, Alitam Goncalvez a Portuguese captured a man and a woman and sent them as gifts to the King of Portugal (Prince Henry the Navigator before his death in 1440.) COMMODITIES OF EXCHANGE


The major commodities of exchange in the triangular trade were;


AFRICA – Exported slaves, gold, ivories and animal skins.


AMERICA– exported sugar, cotton, Tobacco, Gold and Silver.


EUROPE – Supplied manufactured goods such as clothes, gun powder, glass were, sugar and tobacco.

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