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The Theory and Practice of Online Learning

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The revised version of the Theory and Practice of Online Learning, edited by Terry Anderson, brings together recent developments in both the practice and our understanding of online learning.

Five years have since passed between this new edition and the first version. Five years is certainly a long time in this business as this second edition illustrates.

The improvement in versatility and sophistication of the technologies that have been coming into common use has been so significant that a revisit of our knowledge of learning technologies and their application was becoming increasingly necessary.

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Online learning has begun to embed itself as a part of our educational environment, especially in higher education and traectors.

The practice is not widespread yet but the growing number of institutions and individuals resorting to this innovation seems to be increasing exponentially.

This increase is not limited to the developed world; colleagues in the developing world are equally enthusiastic about mediated learning for any number of reasons, including expanding access and providing flexibility to populations hungry for learning and training.

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